Breast Health Quiz part 2:

If you answered three or more questions from either the liver, spleen or kidney section then please read the following:

A) Liver Health:

  1. Exercise or movement is vital for liver health.  Exercise brings in new oxygen which helps oxygenate our cells.  This constant circulation helps the liver function more effectively.
  2. Do you have a strong urge to create or express yourself artistically?  Do you feel stuck in some aspect of your life?  Think about areas of your life that constantly frustrate you or you repress.
  3. Avoid rigid rules and “shoulds”.

B) Spleen Health:

  1. Exercise aids digestion and helps to regulate blood sugar metabolism.  Do at least 20 minutes per day.
  2. Stretch the stomach and spleen area: # 1: Lie on the floor face down with your legs stretched out straight and your hands under your pelvis.  Lift your legs off of the floor. Hold for two breaths. Lower your legs and repeat 2-3 times.

    Stretch #2: place a bolster behind you vertical to your spine.  Lie back onto the bolster with one end of the bolster at your lower back and the rest of your spine along the length of it.  Bend your knees into cobbler pose with soles touching, relax arms to the sides.  Breathe.  Notice how this improves circulation to your digestive organs and abdomen.

C) Kidney Health:

  1. Emotionally, fear and issues around sexuality affect the kidneys.  The kidneys are connected to the adrenal glands which secret cortisol (epinephrine) under stress and are also related to the reproductive system (endocrine).  Are you overwhelmed with frightened thoughts or paranoia?  Are you overworked and stressed?  Do you work on adrenaline and collapse afterwards?
  2. Do nothing for 20 minutes per day.  Replenish your kidney/adrenal system by sitting calmly by a window or sit in lotus pose or corpse pose (yoga).  Breathe regularly.  Lower dontian breathing:  Breathe in: relax and push lower abdomen out as you breath in.  Breathe out:  pull in your lower abdomen as you breathe out.
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