Seasonal Living: Fall 2012

 Seasonal Living: Fall

Fall is a turning point; the period from which we transition from summer to winter.  With every change of season we need to adjust our eating habits, our dress and our activities.  The element associated with the fall is Metal which according to the Chinese is represented by our lungs. The lungs govern the opening and closing of our pores, our respiration, body fluids, blood circulation, immunity and emotions such as melancholy or grief. Fall is a vulnerable time for our lungs as we adjust to the change in temperatures.  Respiratory infections such as chest colds are more common and seasonal allergy symptoms often manifest after a brief reprieve in summer. Our skin can also be more dry or prone to itchiness and or rash. Fall is considered a dry, cold season.

Nutrition: Due to the dry nature of the season it is important to include foods that help to nourish and moisturize our body.  The following are helpful foods: fish, fish oil, sesame seed oil, seeds and or nuts, yam, pear, pumpkin, porridge, honey, non-GMO tofu, seaweed. Sour foods are also helpful because they astringe fluid in the body: green apples, lemon, lime, and grapefruit.

Herbs: Chinese herbs can be very helpful with respiratory infections.  Herbs such as mulberry leaves, phragmites and apricot seed all help to calm inflammation and soothe small muscle spasms in the lung.  At our clinic we determine whether your cough is dry or productive. This differentiation helps determine which formula of herbs is right for you.

Dress: Sometimes we are slow to adjust the way that we dress from summer to fall. The body can be vulnerable to slight temperature changes. Vulnerable areas of the body are the neck, the low back and the head. Wear a hat, scarf or turtle neck when the leaves start to fall and avoid exposing your lower back. Cover up or change after exercise.

Working with seasonal changes will keep your immunity strong all year long.  Visit our website for other seasonal tips or come into our office for an immune system “tune up”.

In good health, Mikiala and Jeff

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