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Seasonal Tips for Autumn:

The appearance of summer was slow this year but there is still a seasonal shift occurring.  Whenever the season shifts, our immune systems shift as well. 

The Autumn and Winter is a time for Yin or the turning inwards of energy.  We are in conservation mode as the weather cools.  Cold contracts and slows down our energy.  In most parts of the Northern world the air loses moisture.  On the west coast, however, we have more moisture in the form of rainfall.  Whether autumn is dry or wet it is a season that affects the lungs and by extension the skin.  The lungs regulate our immune systems by controlling the opening and closing of our pores.  Our skin is our first line of defense against air borne viruses and bacteria.  The lungs or respiratory system are the first to be affected by a pathogenic attack. The following are some simple points to follow to protect your immune system:

1. Protect your immune systems (aka Lungs) by getting adequate rest when you feel run-down, eat a diet of seasonal fruits and vegetables such as; apples, pears, and root vegetables.  In the colder months when you feel a cold settling in gently sweat it out with a warm ginger tea before bed and bundle up.

2. Your lungs and immune system also need oxygen: exercise 3-4 times per week. Cover up after any strenuous exercise as sweating in the cold air can leave your immune system vulnerable.

3. Use the colder months for quiet, contemplative activities that make the most out of the Yin nature of the season.  Consider adding some meditative exercise in the form of yoga, qi gong or tai chi. These exercises blend movement with regulated deep breathing.

4. Watch how the dampness can seep into our bodies or our homes.  Are your feet and hands always damp and cold? Do you feel lethargic and heavy?  Is there mold in your house? You can dry the dampness by wearing layers in the colder months.  Merino wool or silk is light weight and easy to wear under our clothes.  Avoid cotton socks or bare feet.  Drink warm and spicy teas such as loose leaf chai and add more ginger and cinnamon to your diet. 

These are just some of the practical steps that you can take to ensure a healthier autumn and winter season. Pass this along to friends and family.

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