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My son who is now almost 4 has been dealing with excema since he was 5 months old. We had tried everything from western medicine, allergists, dermatologists, natural paths..and nothing helped except steroid cream which we do not want to use all the time or at all!
A friend recommended Mikaila and our world has changed. The herbs have cleared Quinn’s skin about 90%! We can’t thank her enough!
Everyone I see or talk to that has any health issue at all..I always tell them to see her and when they do..their lives are also changed for the better!

D. Somers

“I came to Mikiala Christie for acupuncture to treat my peri-menopausal symptoms. My periods were becoming erratic in both arrival and duration. I had also begun to experience cramping and more moodiness. After 5 or 6 visits over a 2 month period of time, I felt strong and healthy and my periods continued to be regular, painless and easy for more than a year. I hope to use acupuncture to maintain my menstrual health through my peri-menopausal years.”

Margaret H.
Age: 45

Professional Athlete: Kirsten Sweetland

“In the past, every time I walked in to Health Within with an overuse injury or soreness, I recovered incredibly fast. This has taught me to ensure regular treatment so my body is always running its best. Triathlon is a very demanding sport and Dr. Jeffrey Jones keeps me in top shape so I can perform my best!”

Kirsten Sweetland
Jr. World Champion Triathlon Athlete

Professional Athlete: Jessica Sedlock
“Being an internationally ranked athlete I am very particular with my choice of practitioners, especially those that work specifically with my body systems. Jeff is one of the best practitioners I have ever had. Jeff has a deep awareness and understanding of the body and does an excellent job of explaining the importance of each aspect of the treatment from a holistic approach. In addition to this, Jeff has a calming presence and makes me feel at ease during our sessions. Since working with Jeff I have been able to remain injury free in a sport where injuries are the norm.

The results: a more relaxed, free flowing body and faster times!”

Jessica Sedlock
Former National Team Biathlete
2012 Olympic Track Running hopeful


“I’ve had painful arthritis in my right hand for 1 year.  After 4 treatments my pain is greatly improved and I can garden again.”

Rose S.
Age: 60

Trochanter Bursitis

“Following a hip injury that left me with trochanter bursitis, I tried traditional medications and treatment with no results and unfavourable side effects.  I turned to Dr. Jeffrey Jones for acupuncture at Health Within in Sidney and the treatments cured the problem and left me totally pain-free with total mobility restored.”

Mary G.
Age: 60

Stress & insomnia

“When I first came in to see Mikiala I was in a mess! I was confused about what I was doing wrong and quite frustrated as I considered myself very much a master of my own health. Mikiala helped me to re-establish a fine balance in my body with new techniques that I didn’t know existed. She also suggested small changes to make that were easy to incorporate into my life yet they made a world of difference. Mikiala demonstrates a huge willingness to help. It is clear to see that she is passionate about her work thus resulting in positive results and satisfied clients such as myself!

Thank you Mikiala for your dedication to the community. What would we do without you!”

Jessica Sedlock
2009 North American Biathlon Champion
Aspiring Olympic Track Runner
Sciatica & Low Back Pain
“Acupuncture has helped ease the pain of sciatica and related lower back problems. I have experienced an alleviation of pain, and relaxation of tight muscles. I have recommended my friends to Mikiala.”

Lesley N.
Age: 63

Shoulder & Back Pain & Relaxation

“Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture has given me major support for back pain, and sleep problems. Acupuncture is really good for relaxing. The improvements that I have experienced are; improved sleep, relaxation, excellent recovery from shoulder pain and lower back pain. I would recommend Dr. Jeffrey Jones as his care is very positive and supportive.”

Sally B.
Age: 58

“In a non-invasive manner, without drugs or surgeries, TCM has helped me to manage peri-menopausal symptoms as well as other ailments that I’ve encountered such as; earache, digestive problems and muscle pain. My night sweats are gone by at least 90%, my sleep is better, my menstrual cycle is much less painful, with less cramps. I have much more energy after treatments and I feel calmer in my mind. I would most certainly refer this therapy because I believe this type of treatment would greatly help people to enjoy a healthier, happier life.”

Paulette B.
Age 50


“A combination of acupuncture and herbs has helped control menopausal symptoms: hot flashes, memory and concentration issues. I have experienced an increased ability to concentrate, and decreased severity of hot flashes. I would recommend this office because Mikiala provides personal attention and professional services.”

Shelley C.
Age: 50


“Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has helped me to rebuild my life, career and health. I have struggled with depression for over 20 years and could not cope without medication. After trying TCM, I was able to leave medication behind. I would recommend acupuncture and TCM; it’s not invasive and it works!

Veronica K.
Age: 42

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