Hormone Balancing and Chinese Medicine

The body has an innate ability to heal and to adjust to the natural changes that occur with aging.  During menopause, the ovarian production of estrogen declines, yet other systems within the body work harder to produce more mild forms of estrogen and estrogen precursors called androgens.

Androgens are produced by many different systems within the body such as the adrenal glands.   The adrenal glands are situated above the kidneys.  In Chinese medicine, the kidneys and adrenal glands have always been associated with longevity.  The kidneys are the focus for stimulation with acupuncture and Chinese herbs when we age.

At Health Within, we have a Hormone Balancing Program that is focused on re-establishing hormonal levels naturally.  After a thorough examination using Chinese medical analysis, we determine what is causing any imbalances within your body.   No two people are alike and we adjust our treatments accordingly.  Our program can include; acupuncture, Chinese herbs, lifestyle and dietary counseling.

We believe that the body has what it needs to heal itself.  Our goal is to facilitate that natural, built-in healing system and to promote balance and optimal organ function.

To teach you more about this program, Mikiala Christie is available for a free 15 minute consultation. Please call us at: 656-2067.

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