Yoga for Fertility

Yoga Can Help with Fertility

Begin each practice with a seated meditation. Breath deeply through nose and exhale through the mouth.  Repeat 2-3 times. End each practice in the corpse pose. Lie on back with low back supported letting your legs roll outwards and your arms out to the sides of your body. Palms facing upwards.

After sex:
Legs up the wall pose: fold a yoga mat into quarters and place two inches from the wall. Place a firm folded blanket on top of the mat at the edge closest to the wall. Put your bum on the blanket and legs up the wall. The tailbone should tilt upwards. Allow pelvic floor to relax and soften.

Forward bends:

  1. Staff pose-seated with or without blanket under bum. Legs straight in front. Flex feet for hamstring stretch.
  2. Seated forward bend. Staff pose with straight back bend forward at waist, reach for toes. May use strap at feet to pull forward.
  3. Head-to-knee forward bend: widen legs, bring in one leg and bend toward straightened leg. Change sides.
  4. Wide angle pose: as above but with both legs stretched outward. Gently bend forward at waist.
  5. Garland pose: squat and press elbows against knees with hands in prayer pose.

*except when menstruating

  1. Shoulderstand-stimulates thyroid
  2. Bridge pose – stimulates thyroid and brings circulation to reproductive organs. Lie on back, place feet on the floor hip width apart. Bend knees and press up pelvis using glute muscles. Fold shoulders under pinching the blades together and clasp hands.

Reclining Poses:

  1. Reclined bound angle pose: stack pillows behind you for seated reclined support. Sit on folded blanket.  Bend knees into cobblers pose. You may also bind your legs by placing a strap around each leg in order to widen the legs. Lean back with arms at side.
  2. Seated reclined hero’s pose: sit on heels, lean backwards as far as is comfortable.

Always focus on relaxing the body. Breath fully and notice any tension. Practice each pose daily for 2-3 minutes each or until you notice a comfortable shift in tightness.

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